Building luxury homes on Waiheke Island for over 15 years


Our services

We are an ambitious and multi faceted team of local specialists

From consultancy and consent to a finished premium home overlooking the vast seascape of Waiheke Island

Full service construction on Waiheke Island

JRB Construction are an established home building company on Waiheke Island that has a track record of building luxury homes, and bringing existing homes into a new stage of their life.

Our experienced team are proud to be specialising in high end architectural homes. We have over 15 years of local experience and guarantee top workmanship whilst always professionally catering to your clients specific needs.

All under 'one roof'

We work with 'local power partner' tradesmen. These are local tradespeople and companies that we have built up and maintained relationships with for over a decade, and who share the same values as JRB.

Eliminating the risk and hassle of dealing with a range of organisations, we offer a 'full service' from concept to completion.

Whether you're starting from a blank canvas or you've got an existing project, we've got you sorted.



If you have a new build in conception and need pointed in the right direction, we offer our consultancy services to navigate you in the right direction. We access the site and revise plans to structure a systematic planning and management process in which we give you our sound recommendations. Our timeline and budgeting services are vital to keeping any build to a pre-emptive state. ​

Consent Management

When it comes to building consent, we can help. We manage this process to ensure that all of the correct information is put forward to council and that all plans comply to the local district plan, specific to Waiheke. We work with architects to successfully complete the ground work on site to ensure all processes are ticked off and above board.

Project Management

We have local 'power partner tradesmen' in which we align ourselves with and refer to work onsite with all or projects. This ensures a clean line of communication between all tradesmen and proves to successful for the client, ensuring that everyone onsite is local, trustworthy and reputable.


When renovating our team takes pride in modernising new spaces to accommodate people's lifestyles and individual style. This process is completely managed under our company umbrella from design to conception.


When we carry out extensions it is key for us to keep to the integrity of the existing aesthetic of a home and prioritise synchronicity between the existing and new, ensuring a quality structural flow.

Swimming Pools

A pool is a great way to add a new dynamic to your property and entertain guests. We handle the whole process from design to completion, making sure we accommodate your taste and budget.

Maximising value

JRB offers a complete building service offering from initial project consultancy to overall project and consent management. All successful projects start with a great plan built around sound advice backed up with an experienced well connected team, this is what we pride ourselves on. We understand the local regulations and what can be achieved to make sure we maximise value with any new project.


Our process to accomplish excellence

Enabling you to leverage a network of local professionals to build, or enhance your home on Waiheke Island.



Finding out what you've got to work with, what you want to accomplish and why.



Constructing your new home, or revitlising your existing.



Working with your architect to gain a deep understanding of your vision.


Budget & Timeline

Establishing a plan that works within your budget and timeline.



Discussing outdoor plans, painting exterior and polishing interior.